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The unchanging value of high aesthetics, the charm of modern design next to the clear blue waters of the pool, create the ideal atmosphere for a real celebration of the senses. With a capacity of 50 to 1,500 people, the Perinthos Hotel is the ideal choice for high-profile receptions that impress with their originality, quality and discreet luxury.

Trust us and make your dreams come true for the organization of the engagement, the wedding, a professional presentation, a happening or any other kind of reception you wish. In a brand new environment, the unique space of El Mar Poolbar, shaped with inspiration and imagination, composes an environment with a view and a strong personality, creating the conditions for a true experience.

The idyllic pool area, the enchanting environment, the rich gastronomic pleasures and the exemplary service are some of the elements that compose a heavenly atmosphere that Perinthos Hotel in Thessaloniki promises.

What better way than to combine your reception at the hotel where your guests will be staying? Unique offers are waiting for you for the stay of both your guests and yours in case you choose the pool of our hotel for your event !!

We look forward to meeting you!

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